Teenie and Meenie Do Europe.


I’ve been staring at this web page for about 15 minutes now, waiting for inspiration. I’ve essentially finished my work for the semester, save for packing and some last minute things that I can’t do right now. The point is, I finally have time to write, and the irony of it all is that I don’t know what to say.

I just came back from a long-awaited weekend in Rome, and of course, it was wonderful. I will fight anyone who says that Rome is not the best city in the world, ‘cause it is. You’re wrong if you think otherwise.

Rome is the city that teaches me about myself. It’s the city that reminds you about all the beautiful things in the world and the best part about that is, you get to feel like you’re a part of it. A small part, obviously, because Rome is basically as old as the earth, but it’s wonderful nonetheless. I love that city more than I will ever find a way to express. In case you didn’t know.


This weekend I had to fortune to once again see a dear friend from Rome, this time in my city. She brought with her, though, the sad news that someone we mutually knew in Rome passed away from cancer this fall. We weren’t close by any means, but he was young and he was friendly and life is short.

Continuing on the note of Rome, I also got a newsletter from IES, in which they linked to their blogger of the year, who wrote from the brand new program in Rio de Janeiro. I read her final post—the post the comes not quite a month after returning, and damn. She said all the things I wanted to say but never found the words. The post is here http://blogs.iesabroad.org/kzellnermacalester-edu/when-you-love-something-let-it-go/

In other news, another friend from Rome posted a surprisingly accurate and touching link on her Facebook (man I’m lucky to have such wonderful people in my life). 



http://thehairpin.com/2013/11/a-guide-to-eating-very-particular-feelings-part-iii Note the one about cider here!

GInny and I talked about that—Rome was this incredible, indescribable…enigma for us all. We all connected so deeply with the city and it is so truly a love affair, and one that bonded us. Despite the fact that we’re all scattered across the world, despite the fact that I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like to, there will never be a day when I don’t love them and that city with everything I am and everything I have ever hoped to be.